Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Are you sick of feeling alone?

Are you in an abusive relationship? Do you feel alone?

Even if you have children and a husband and/or friends, when you're in an abusive relationship. The abuser has beaten you down (literally/figuratively) for so long that you can't even trust yourself to have feelings anymore. You're stuck in the blackness, the hell of a miserable existence.

I've been there. But let me just say that the one and only thing that turned my life around was finding God. I know the country is up in arms about religion and it's meanings and roots. Nobody knows what/who to believe anymore. Well, I chose to do my research on God and Jesus and the Bible, and I then chose them.

I started reading the bible and having a small bible study at my home every other week and that is where my life began to change forever. I was stuck in my 15 year abusive marriage, my children were miserable and my and I were obviously miserable. But as soon as I started realizing what I was missing in God, I became a new person.

I went from feeling miserable and alone, to feeling like I could take on the world, in a matter of months. My entire perspective on life has done a 180. I cannot believe that only 2 years ago, I had thoughts of suicide, like my life was over.

I have a relationship with God, meaning I let him guide me and my life in the direction He so chooses. We all have that gut feeling when we know if something is right or wrong, that "gut" feeling is God. Of course I still make mistakes, that's how God intended humans to be ever since Eve took a bite of the poison apple. We're given many many chances in life, by God to live and learn. But we must learn from every moment, every day, every choice, every mistake. We have to see the positive in everything and not let anything bring us down, because if you're a truly good person and doing your best in life, things will turn around especially if you don't allow the devil to make you negative and sad and depressed.

Are there days where I'm bitter and angry at life? Yes. But those feelings literally don't even last an entire day because I don't let them. No matter what's going on, and I have had a lot of unbelievable horrible things happen in the last year, I stuff any negative feelings as quickly as possible. I look at the situation and take time to analyze it and I allow myself my natural feelings for a bit, but then I move on to the next thing.

So, I recommend, if you're feeling alone and feel like you have nowhere else to go, pick up a Bible and start reading. If you're willing to receive the information into your heart, your life will change for the better, forever.

I wish you luck.

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