Monday, February 11, 2013

Hi there:) My name is Jamie and I've been writing my entire life. Not professionally, but to help keep my sanity.

I love to write about my real life experiences and many of those experiences have been horrible, while many have been full of happiness and humor.

The reason for the We Can Do It logo is that I've been through some experiences in my life that make me the strong woman that I am today. And I advocate for women because a lot of the time in this life, we feel stuck, we feel like we need a man to rely on, or that we just can't live without their approval. Sorry to say dudes, I lived 30+ years thinking that same thing but then after 15 years in an abusive marriage I decided enough was enough and I didn't want to be a victim anymore. I researched and taught myself how to be strong and independent. You can do it too!!

And I love men, don't get me wrong, I'll be posting many stories about the new love of my life and that he's more of a man than I ever imagined existed in this lifetime. I'm excited to let y'all know that there are wonderful, loving, caring, honest, loyal men (and women) out there, you just have to stop looking. That's the key, it's cliche but I'm living proof. So hold your panties on people, life is good you just have to love yourself because nobody's going to love you like you can!!

I'm new to blogging so of course I will be tweaking things as I go. If you have questions or comments, feel free to email me anytime.

So hang on for the ride ladies and gents, you're going to see some interesting stuff here as often as I'm able to write. Please contact me with suggestions and questions as I stated above. Happy Reading!

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